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Keep contact: it's easy!

Thanks to Call-zone's easy to use prepaid card system, you will save money on your long distance calls since you benefit from our special low tariff.

When you're away, keep in touch with family, friends and business associates with the Call-zone's prepaid long distance cards. Keep your business rolling and your costs low, no matter where and when you need to call. It's easy! Purchase a card online and start calling right away!

Got a business? Manage all your cards and track call history from a single convenient location.

Save money with Call-zone!



Everywhere close at hand.

Your codes are available online, no more losing them or juggling with plastic. Integrates with your smartphone, for fast calling.

Low cost


Save money!

Our special low-cost tariff will make you save a lot of money.



A central hub for your calling needs.

Purchase cards, manage them, review minutes and call history from a single convenient location.

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